Page 12 - The Carolinas Today Winter 2015
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The sarong is one of my favorite pieces to take 

on vacation. It is lightweight and folds neatly, 

saving valuable luggage space. Sarongs are a one- 

size-fits-all solution when you need a cover-up 

that is both functional and stylish. The sarong can 

take you from play to fine dining or dancing with 

the addition of the right jewelry and shoes. With 

so many patterns, colors and fabric choices, you 

become your own designer, making it easy to find 

one that matches your swimsuit.

Some other ways to use a sarong:

Skirt • 

Curtains or Window Treatment • 

WallArt • 

Table/Seat/Couch/Throw • 

Beach Blanket • 

Scarf • 

Fabric to Make Pillow• 


Island breezes do not have to end with summer 

on the beach. You can enjoy the tropical feel year- 

round by using sarongs in your home décor. They 

can add color, texture and ethnic flavor to your 

surroundings. For versatility, try using sarongs 

as window treatments, table runners, or throws. 

Sew them to make pillow covers. When having 

a dinner party, fold your sarong in thirds and 

place on the edge of your table, creating one long 

colorful place mat, or hang and tie on your gazebo 

for a colorful partition that is useful for blocking 

the sun and adding privacy. Draping, folding and 

simple sewing can turn your home into an island 

oasis to be enjoyed all year long.

Leesa Schilling, of Anna Maria Island Sarong 

Company, provided the beautiful sarongs from 

Bali worn by our models.	Leesa shared with me 

why she loves sarongs. “Sarongs are handmade 

pieces of art — timeless, beautiful and truly 

functional. They are a summer staple. I have 

been traveling to Bali since the 90’s and fell in 

love with the culture and amazing crafts including 

the beautiful sarongs. Versatile and exquisitely 

handcrafted, sarongs can be easily fashioned as a 

skirt, day or evening dress, beach cover-up, scarf, 

and more.”


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