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Hello and welcome to the WINTER Publisher

2015 issue of The Carolinas Today. In Margie Fairbrother

the previous issue we took a look at Self 
Defense. Dr. Ruthless will be back, she has Editor
Patrick Fairbrother
been in Nepal, helping to empower women.

Marketing / Advertising
In one of many ‘Firsts’ here at 
The Carolinas Today, we will begin to 

Cover Makeup Artistpublish supplements to the current issue. 
Renée MarieCurrently in the works, a political piece on

the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition’s 2015 Convention held in 
Cover Hair Stylist
Myrtle Beach, SC. We hope you find it as interesting as we did.
Judy Post/Beauty by Judy

In this issue we have a rather large piece from Zilla’s Emporium. 
Contributing Writers
Zilla’s Emporium is an online pet supply store. You’ll find the story 
Kim Hurley about Zilla’s Emporium on Page 49, followed by the Outward Hound 
Shawn Smirnoff 
product line which they offer.
Debra Madaris Efird 
J.D. Jones 
On Page 39 we have a great article provided by FEMA on Wnter 
Melissa Soalt 
Don Alley Preparedness. This article covers things that you may already know 

Karen Joseph and practice, but it never hurts to look at ways to be prepared.
Grant Turner

Speaking of being prepared, The Carolinas Today would like to 
Contributing Photographers
welcome “Homestead Holsters” (Page 17). These holsters are made of 
Gene Ho Photography the highest quality materials right here in the U.S.A. Members of our 
RLS Photography 
staff have used Homestead Holster products for years and speak very 
Bill Russ 
NC Tourism highly of them.

Mike Culp 
National Park ServiceGetting healthy and having a healthy lifestyle is what you will find 

Shawn Smirnoff doing when he’s not in class. Shawn’s Bio starts on 
Graphic DesignPage 17, preceded by “Understanding the Benefits of Probiotics for 

DVD Photo Servicesyour Cats” on Page 14.

The staff of THE CAROLINAS TODAY welcomes your As you read through this and future issues, look for the video links. 
comments and feedback. Tell us what you would like to read 
The videos will expand on the content in the article or offer a message 
about. What stories would be entertaining, informative, and 
identify with you? Email your comments to: from the advertiser. Be sure to share content from the magazine with friends via the share button at the top of the reader. You can also 

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The Carolinas Today 

P.O. Box 6232 I hope you enjoy the changes we've made thus far and find them as 
Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469 
fulfilling as we do.
Laus Deo, 

Patrick Fairbrother 

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