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I was born in Brandon, Florida in early 

September. My family moved to the 

small town of Eclectic, Alabama when I 

was 2 and have been on my journey ever 

since. I went to Elmore County High 

school and played baseball and football. 

Upon graduating in 2012, I received an 

academic scholarship to Central Alabama 

Community College. I also earned a spot 

to walk on the baseball team.

While attending CACC, we were the 

first team in Alabama to win the National 

Championship at the junior college level. That was the most exciting thing ever, especially 

coming from a high school that didn't win much. Our Championship Ring looks amazing and it’s 

something I had only dreamed about. Every kid who has every played sports dreams about ‘getting 

the ring’. After achieving that dream with my team, I knew that dreams do come true, it’s just a 

matter of time and how much effort and hard work you put into something.

The second year of my college career I earned a baseball scholarship. The coaches were 

impressed with how much improvement I had made throughout my first year. I am a left handed 

pitcher and pitchers have a lot of control and responsibility on the field. I like being a leader on 

and off the field. I did great during the second year and earned a Full ride to The University of 

North Alabama which is a division 2 school (NCAA) in Florence, Alabama. I had plenty of offers 

from all over, but North Alabama seemed to offer me the best, so that’s where I went. I will have 

my school paid for throughout my college years. I am Majoring in Exercise Science and planning 

to be a Physical Therapist. I like to help others with their problems.

About a month into the Fall season of my junior year, a friend I play baseball with me told me 

about a company called Makeway Wellness and the opportunities it offers. I decided to go to 

a meeting and find out more about this Company and how it will tie in with my major course 

of study, Exercise Science. The best part about the formation of MakeWay Wellness is that 

everything fell into place just as it was meant to. Not only was I impressed with the products but 

that I could also have the opportunity to help myself financially.

I would like to share with you what Dr. Howard Peiper, Pulitzer Prize nominated and best- 

selling author of “The Secrets of Staying Young” had to say, “Finally, there is a complete wellness

system that has all the beneficial and effective ingredients which I have 

been recommending to people for over 30 years. What is exciting about this 

system is that ALL of these ingredients are within Awaken-S7 and Re-Vive! 

These ingredients, carefully formulated in individual efficacious amounts, 

synergistically balance our pH, help to detox our bodies and strengthen our 

immune system. There are NO OTHER products currently on the market that

even come close to these, and here they are in Awaken-S7 and Re-Vive! I am so grateful.”


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