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Each of our holsters are handcrafted by me in the USA using only the highest grade materials 

available. They are 100% custom made and will fit your weapon like a glove.

We use .080 thick Kydex material. This is thicker than what 
many holster manufacturers use but it provides increased 

protection and durability. Our 8-9 oz leather is vegetable tanned 
and will not harm your guns finish like the chrome tanned 

leather that some use. Our holsters also feature all steel belt 
clips that will not break.

Our concealment holsters are easily adjusted by the user for 

gun retention. There is no need to apply heat or send them back 
for adjustment. Simply tighten or loosen the steel mounting 

screws for more or less retention. They are also adjustable 
for cant and ride height by simply moving the belt clips up or 


Most orders ship within one week. If there is going to be a 
delay we will let you know right away. We are continuously 

adding new applications so please email us if your gun is not 


1911’s	Smith & Wesson Revolvers Ruger 

All Sizes	Various ModelsSeveral AvailableVarious Models

We also have IWB and OWB available for: 

Bersa, CZ, Glock, Hi-Point, Kahr, Polish, Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory and Walther.

We also offer Magazine Holders

Smith & Wesson	Glock

Order Online at: 
Try our holster for 14-days and if 
www.homesteadholsters.comyou are not happy with it you may 

return it for a full refund. 
Or Email your questions to: 
Our holsters come with a 100% 
Satisfaction Guarantee and a 
(937) 349-1001Lifetime Warranty.


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