Page 33 - The Carolinas Today Winter 2015
P. 33

The Port of Charleston 

,owned and operated by the South Carolina Ports 
Authority, is one of the largest ports in the U.S. The Port of Charleston consists of five terminals, and 

a sixth terminal to open in 2018. Despite occasional labor disputes, the port is ranked number one 

in customer satisfaction across North America by supply chain executives. Port activity at the 

two terminals located in the city of Charleston is one of the city's leading sources of revenue, behind 


Today the Port of Charleston boasts the deepest water in the southeast region and regularly handles 

ships too big to transit through the Panama Canal. A next-generation harbor deepening project is 

currently underway to take the Port of Charleston's entrance channel to 54 feet and harbor channel 

to 52 feet at mean low tide.


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