Page 42 - The Carolinas Today Winter 2015
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Winter Storm Watch - A winter storm is possible in your area. Tune in to NOAA Weather 

Radio, commercial radio, or television for more information. The NWS issues a winter storm 

watch when severe winter conditions, such as heavy snow and/or ice, may affect your area 

but the location and timing are still uncertain. A winter storm watch is issued 12 to 36 hours in 

advance of a potential severe storm. Tune in to NOAA Weather Radio, local radio, TV, or other 

news sources for more information. Monitor alerts, check your emergency supplies, and gather 

any items you may need if you lose power.

Winter Storm Warning - A winter storm is occurring or will soon occur in your area.

Blizzard Warning - Sustained winds or frequent gusts to 35 miles per hour or greater and 

considerable amounts of falling or blowing snow (reducing visibility to less than a quarter mile) 

are expected to prevail for a period of three hours or longer.

Frost/Freeze Warning - Below freezing temperatures are expected.


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