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The Donald Trump “Selfie”

One of the best parts of being a photographer is getting to meet and photograph a lot of neat people. So getting 

the call to photograph Donald Trump was a dream come true. I’ve read all his books. I watched him on television. I 
respect him greatly.

At the same time, I was more than a little nervous. For example, love him but what if he is a jerk in real life? Well, 

I can say I’m pleased to find out that Donald Trump is perhaps one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Yes, he’s a 

tough negotiator, a brilliant business person but he’s a nice guy.
Since I’ve met and photographed him, Mr. Trump has sent me a handwritten thank you for the pictures and the 

headshot that I took. What got the biggest laugh was an unplanned “selfie” that has gone viral on Facebook.

Here’s the story:

The plan was this... after the photo shoot with Mr. Trump, I would get my assistant to take a picture of me with 

Donald. For me this is standard. I finish a shoot and then ask the celebrity if I can get my picture taken with him. 

Only this time I was invited to go to his private jet. This is a 757 and “The Richest” website has it valued at 100 

million dollars!
Anyway, the interior is white leather with real gold trim. It’s pretty amazing. He asked me to look around and I 

did. My first reaction was “Nobody is ever going to believe me that I was in Donald Trump’s jet!” So I did what any 

other person would do, I took a “selfie”. Only differences? 1) I had my professional Sigma 10mm Fisheye with me. 

It’s NOT like a cell phone selfie – it’s an ultra-wide lens so you can see some of his jet. 2) The Donald saw that I 
was taking a selfie and he positioned himself behind me. You can see that he thought it was funny as well.

In all, I like Mr. Trump more now than just reading his books. I had a chance to speak with him at length about 

some of his writings and about business. I was even more thrilled that he took the time to thank me after he got his 

pictures. Easy to say it was all in a day’s work. But some days are just better than others...

by Gene Ho


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